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20 Juli 2008

United Kingdom can be a best destination option for the vacation to any age group of people. This beautiful country has a constitutional monarchy comprising of four constituent countries. These countries are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and collectively called United Kingdom. Finding accommodation in the UK that is good value for money and doesn't break your purse strings is becoming easier (cheap hotels UK). For instance, a cheap London hotel can start from as low as £30 per night.

London city is one of the major tourist attractions of the world and is a highest visited place in UK by tourist. In London (England) many famous tourist places like Alton Tower and Buckingham Palace are welcoming to the London visitors. The large cities of UK like London, Edinburgh and Glasgow are famous for their cuisine, pubs, and traditional approach. There is an extremely big number of London hotels which can easily satisfy all the needs of the tourists visiting this city every day. There are different hotels in London but luxury hotels get the biggest attention because they have all the facilities that most people need and want.

Nevertheless, not all people who come to London can afford staying in a luxury hotel. For this reason, budget hotels in London are also very important. There are many different budget hotels in this city and the most important feature of these hotels is staying cost. Usually, the price for the night in such hotel is about £55 - £75. Many of these hotels are situated near bus or train stations, in order to satisfy those travellers who don't want to spend more money on reaching the hotel they are staying in.

Other big city to visit in UK is Manchester. Manchester is often described as the "Capital of the North" and forms a very integral core part of the 'English Core Cities Group'. Enjoy the attractions in the city by booking into any of the Manchester hotels to have a pleasant and comfortable stay. Now-a-days Manchester has earned a reputation as an excellent centre for the arts, the media, higher education and commerce.

Manchester is a bustling city known for its lively sporting culture. It is for this same reason why the city is a common spot for travel. Thousands of people, locals and foreigners alike fill the city each year all for the sake of experiencing the thrills of football matches and other sporting events. Located at the centre of the wider Greater Manchester Urban Area, this city boasts of the third largest growth in urbanization. It is found that the second largest urban zone of UK is in Manchester. Not just a substantial conurbation, but Manchester can also take pride in the fact that it is the second most visited city in the whole country of the United Kingdom.

In outside of England, a beautiful recommended city to visit is Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the capital and second largest city (after Glasgow) of Scotland, in the UK. Edinburgh has in fact been the Scottish capital since 1437, and seat of the revived Scottish Parliament since it first met in 1999. Just like another city in UK, Edinburgh hotels offer low cheap price for its visitors who need accommodation for longer time.

Edinburgh is home to many festivals and events, especially during the Summer months. Many people have heard of the Edinburgh Fringe (the world's largest arts festival), the Edinburgh Festival (arts and culture) and Edinburgh International Festival (performing arts). There are also several other excellent but slightly lower profile festivals: the Edinburgh Art Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and the Edinburgh International Science Festival. Additionally, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, a show involving military bands, pipers, and fireworks takes place nightly for around 3 weeks at the Castle Esplanade during the summer (buy tickets in advance if you want to attend, all tickets sell out quickly in advance of the tattoo).

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